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 Arizona Beverage Co. Enters into Development Agreement with ScentSational Technologies

 Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: ScentSational Technologies CEO, Barry M. Edelstein announced that the company has signed a development agreement with Arizona Beverage Company.  Per the agreement, ScentSational will work with Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) one of the world?s leading packaging companies, and Allen Flavors, a family owned, full service flavor company that has been a leading force in the flavor and beverage markets for over a decade, to develop aroma and flavor enhanced packaging components for Arizona products.

ScentSational Technologies is the world?s leader in developing, patenting and licensing Olfaction Packaging technologies for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other consumer products companies. CompelAroma®, ScentSational?s Encapsulated Aroma Release® technologies, involve adding specially engineered FDA approved food grade flavors within the structure of plastic packaging components at the time of manufacturing. The result is packaging that enhances the aroma profile of a product that improves the taste experience and builds a better connection between the consumer and the brand.

With roots in the beer business going back to 1971, John Ferolito and Don Vultaggio introduced the AriZona Beverage Brand in 1992. The brand has grown steadily and today is the leading seller in the ready-to-drink tea category surpassing such international brands as Lipton (Unilever) and Nestle.  AriZona is the only major independent beverage company left in the industry.

John Balboni, President of Arizona Beverage Co., said,  ?We have a great appreciation for the significant role aroma plays in the consumer?s taste experience and enjoyment of beverages and are excited to be working with ScentSational.?

ScentSational developed its trademarked CompelAroma, as a tool for brand owners to use to give consumers an enhanced aroma and taste experience.  This is accomplished by encapsulating flavors into most forms of food and beverage packaging.  Having teamed up with leading packaging companies like Crown, ScentSational is delivering enhanced aroma and taste experience to consumers of the world?s leading alcoholic beverage and soft drink companies.  An important application of CompelAroma adds flavors to beverage closures and /or liners enhancing the consumer experience of the beverage by improving aroma and flavor.

Steven Landau, ScentSational Technologies CTO said, ?We are delighted to be working with Arizona, their closure supplier Crown, and their exclusive flavor supplier Allen Flavors.  Our efforts will contribute to Arizona?s tradition of leading the industry in innovative packaging. CompelAroma is a major advance in brand packaging. It allows release of top note aromas that significantly improve the consumer experience of freshness and flavor. These aromas become sensory based signatures triggering brand identity and compelling long lasting brand loyalty.?

As for Crown?s support of ScentSational?s technology, Landau said ?With over one  hundred  years of experience, Crown – the company that invented the  bottle cap –  delivers the advanced packaging and materials engineering that allows us to successfully deploy CompelAroma into Arizona?s beverage  caps.?

ScentSational is working with a majority of the world?s top 25 food and beverage companies, as well as a number of leading consumer products companies to help them build their brands by deploying the power of aroma in their packaging.

Barry Edelstein said: ?ScentSational?s CompelAroma allows our clients? many health conscious, calorie counting consumers a way to savor the flavors and aromas of full bodied beverages while enjoying the uncompromised wellness benefits of light and low carb products.?

Traditional uses of CompelAroma include employing it as a package design tool to enhance the aroma and taste of foods and beverages, as a tool to extend a products shelf life, to deliver specifically developed Signature Aromas that build a more memorable relationship between the consumer and the brand helping to drive brand loyalty and repurchase. ScentSational recently announced new, patent pending technology that allows consumers to experience the aroma of the package contents without compromising any tamper evident systems in place.

Crown Holdings is one of the world?s premier manufacturers of packaging materials.  Built on a tradition of innovation, quality and cost control, Crown ranks among the 200 largest companies headquartered in the United States.  They have operations in 47  countries and 180  plants worldwide.

For more information contact Steven M. Landau, CTO, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected] or Barry M. Edelstein, President and CEO, ScentSational Technologies, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected]