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Aroma & Taste Technologies

About ScentSational

ScentSational Technologies, founded in 1997, is the global leader in developing, patenting, licensing, and
manufacturing scented and flavored products, masterbatches, and packaging technologies for consumer products companies.

The Power of Aroma!

Of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, only smell has a direct link to the limbic mode, the section of the brain where creativity, emotion, hunger and impulses are processed.  It is also where memories and experiences of pleasure are stored. All the other senses are processed in the left side of the brain, the cerebral cortex, where logical thought is processed. That is why smell is the only sense capable of triggering a true impulse reaction that drives preference.

Scent Delivery Technologies

ScentSational is your one-stop-shop for development, manufacturing, ideation,
and material supply for all your scented and flavored product and packaging needs.


Scented inserts for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals


Printable and sprayable touch-activated scent


Scented air systems for retail and hospitality environments


For Scented & Flavored Parts in your design


Polymer and liquid-based for plastics

Tailored Scent Solutions

ScentSational will work with your Product, Packaging, Design, R&D, and Marketing
teams to identify and create the best scented product and packaging applications possible.

Does your product evoke this kind of feeling?
Aroma delivers a visceral experience!

Aroma Marketing & Brand Building

Enhance your brand with the power of aroma from scented product components and packaging. Since aroma is processed in the same area of the brain where memories and emotions are processed, aroma has the unique ability to drive a visceral reaction for preference, quality, purchase intent, and brand loyalty.

While advertising and promotion remain vitally important to brand building, the right aroma and flavor will substantially increase brand awareness and value over time. No one can resist a free sniff, and now you can offer consumers a reason to pick your product up and make it stand out from all the clutter.

Flavor Challenges & Solutions

ScentSational utilizes the natural, scientifically proven power of controlled aroma release to overcome several food, beverage, and pharmaceutical product and packaging challenges in the including flavor scalping, plastic off-taste, and malodors. Flavors encapsulated within a polymeric structure stay fresh and stable much longer than naked, unprotected flavors. They are far less prone to oxidation and degradation than flavors placed directly into product contents. As a result, consumers experience an improved and fresher aroma over a longer period of time.  Learn more

Why ScentSational’s Aroma-Taste Technology Works

Scented Product Development

Do you want to enhance your product with scent or have an idea for a new scented product?

Let the experts at ScentSational help you develop and refine your idea from concept to shelf.