Dietary supplement brands elevated with Aroma-Taste Technology

People prefer using products that smell great. That includes dietary supplements. As reported in this NutraIngredients-USA article by Deputy Editor Hank Schultz, scents can make the initial experience of taking a dietary supplement something consumers remember with pleasure, not a trial they were willing to endure because they believe in the product’s promised health benefits. The article also ran in NutraIngredients-EU.

A novel coating technology allows for “scent sampling” without opening the package.


An innovative new coating technology provides scent sampling for a multitude of products in beauty as well as other industries. ScentSational Technologies recently launched EncapScent, a patent pending scent delivery technology with custom formulated MicroEncapsulated Coatings (MECs) that can be applied to any type of package. The MECs can be directly applied to packaging after filling or assembly, directly on the manufacturing line.


Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging’ the indispensable tool for converters and printers of flexible packaging


Food Production Daily

‘ScentSational’ packaging coating delivers food or drink aroma

An “invisible technology” that allows food and beverage processors to add the product aroma to its packaging has been developed.


Active Packaging Solution: Where the Action Is


The trends toward natural and organic foods and products featuring heart-healthy but oxygen-sensitive unsaturated fats have combined to fuel development of active packaging solutions in flexible and rigid formats.