Dietary supplement brands elevated with Aroma-Taste Technology

People prefer using products that smell great. That includes dietary supplements. As reported in this NutraIngredients-USA article by Deputy Editor Hank Schultz, scents can make the initial experience of taking a dietary supplement something consumers remember with pleasure, not a trial they were willing to endure because they believe in the product’s promised health benefits. The article also ran in NutraIngredients-EU.

An Army Travels on Its Stomach


The food may still taste like road kill. But if a new program from the U.S. Army works out, GIs’ rations won’t smell quite so bad. The Natick Soldier Center is working on a project to make rations more palatable to grunts by embedding savory aromas into the food’s packaging. If the food smells better, the thinking goes, the soldiers will be more likely to eat their MREs, or Meals, Ready to Eat, and will be better able to carry out their grueling tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


Aroma-enhanced packaging: The last frontier


Horsham, PA-based provider of weight-management products and services, NutriSystem, Inc. has brought “scent science” to the weight-loss industry with its introduction of the Aquaescents(TM) water bottle. Representing the first commercial application of ScentSational Technologies’…


A novel coating technology allows for “scent sampling” without opening the package.


An innovative new coating technology provides scent sampling for a multitude of products in beauty as well as other industries. ScentSational Technologies recently launched EncapScent, a patent pending scent delivery technology with custom formulated MicroEncapsulated Coatings (MECs) that can be applied to any type of package. The MECs can be directly applied to packaging after filling or assembly, directly on the manufacturing line.


Drinking In The Features


Sports drinks… vitamin-enhanced water… vanilla-flavored cola. Beverage companies strive for innovation and new products. This must be reflected in the packaging. Beverage manufacturers are working to differentiate their products on the shelf.


Aroma-Filled Closures


Strawberry Banana, Tutti-Frutti, Toasted Marshmallow, Strawberry Cheesecake… Will a consumer be able to determine the flavor in his mouth if he holds his nose and closes his eyes? According to Steve Landau, chief technology officer and chairman of ScentSational Technologies, Jenkintown, Pa., “The consumer will not be able to taste the flavor, because there is a very strong relationship between smell and taste. In fact, what most people perceive as “taste” actually results from…