Beverage companies tests flavour-releasing packaging

A new aroma and flavour-releasing technology for packaging is being tested in consumer trials in bottled water and nutritional food packaging applications in the US…


Packaging companies join flavour and aroma-releasing packaging project

ScentSational Technologies in the US, which is developing flavour and aroma-releasing packaging, reveals it has formed strategic partnerships with two packaging companies to help commercialize its technology…


Smell of success

Olfactory packaging seems like an important next step, cementing brand identity and demonstrating product quality. But things are not necessarily so rosy. Nikki Preston questions how the technology works and how seriously it will be adopted…


US military sniffs out active packaging technologies


A sweet smelling oatmeal bowl and fruit-scented bottle caps could entice Natick, which develops non artillery equipment for the US army, to embark on a project for aromatic packaging…


NutriSystem to Deploy Compelling, Diet Enhancing Package Flavor Technology


NutriSystem, Horsham, Pennsylvania ( is introducing Aquaescents, a powerful new weight loss aid employing ScentSational Technologies’ CompelAroma™, Encapsulated Aroma Release™ technology. CompelAroma™ technology allows food and beverage marketers to differentiate brands by encapsulating flavors…


Aroma-Filled Closures


Strawberry Banana, Tutti-Frutti, Toasted Marshmallow, Strawberry Cheesecake… Will a consumer be able to determine the flavor in his mouth if he holds his nose and closes his eyes? According to Steve Landau, chief technology officer and chairman of ScentSational Technologies, Jenkintown, Pa., “The consumer will not be able to taste the flavor, because there is a very strong relationship between smell and taste. In fact, what most people perceive as “taste” actually results from…


NutriSystem and ScentSational Deploy Aromatic Packages That Use Tempting Flavor Technology Both Inside and Out


NutriSystem, a diet, vitamin, and nutritional product company in Horsham, Pa., introduced Aquaescents, a powerful new weight loss aid employing ScentSational Technologies’ CompelAroma, Encapsulated Aroma Release technology. This technology works in several ways, tempting consumers with…


Technology Brings New Aroma Dimension to Thermoformed Packages


After experiencing an intense aroma, most brand-marketing executives have probably at least once thought, “if only I could package that aroma.” Now, Fabri-kal (Kalamazoo, MI) a leading thermoformer of polypropylene cups, tubs and bowls, is offering an answer to the “if only.”


Aroma-enhanced packaging: The last frontier


Horsham, PA-based provider of weight-management products and services, NutriSystem, Inc. has brought “scent science” to the weight-loss industry with its introduction of the Aquaescents(TM) water bottle. Representing the first commercial application of ScentSational Technologies’…


Aroma opens the door to a new dimension in produce marketing


As packaging is increasingly used in the fresh produce industry, consumers’ sense of smell is eliminated as a marketing issue. But ScentSational Technologies, based in the Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown, PA, is offering a new packaging technology…


Food Packaging: Materials & Containers


Follow your nose to where flavor engineering and packaging meet. Horsham, PA-based provider of weight management products and services NutriSystem has introduced Aquaescents, a new weight loss aid that is the first commercial application of ScentSational Technologies’ CompelAroma…


New Technology Enhances Packaging’s Sensory Effect


ScentSational Technologies is introducing CompelAroma™ — a proprietary technology utilizing encapsulated flavor and aroma release. CompelAroma™ is an advanced approach to brand-building. CompelAroma™ compels consumers to use brands over and over again by…


Microwavable Foods Satisfy Need for Speed and Palatability


Food processors, ingredient vendors, and packaging suppliers are teaming up to meet the demands of on-the-go consumers who want quick food preparation and superior taste and texture….


Using Scent As A Purchase Motivator

A pleasing aroma on packaging can strike an emotional chord with consumers and give your brand an edge over its competitors.

Brand marketers can use many cues on packaging to connect emotionally with consumers. But they may be overlooking a powerful yet under-used signal: scent.


Closure Adds ‘Flavor’ to bottled water

NutriSystem, a leading marketer of weight management products, recommends that users of its products drink at last eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily to help flush out toxins produced when body chemistry changes as weight is lost…


Savor the Aroma in Packaged Food


If the emergent technologies become viable, there will come a day when scented packaging will contribute to the pleasure of eating by complementing the flavor experience. …


Military Packages Put Technology To The Test


Nanotechnology, scent-embedded polymers, biodegradable films, edible packaging and RFID drive next-generation packaging. No one has more challenging requirements for food and drug packaging than the military. Packaging for products sold to the Armed Forces must stand up to everything from desert heat to being dropped out of a plane…


Win By A Nose


ScentSational Technologies is adding aroma and flavours into packaging with its new CompelAroma™ technology.
FDA approved food flavours are integrated during manufacturing and allow aromas to be slowly and uniformly released into the packaged product during its life or released when a package is opened.


Appealing To the Senses


AriZona iced tea has spent millions of dollars creating its eye-catching packaging. It has also spent millions of dollars developing different flavors of tea. Now the company is testing a way to bring the two together by embedding appealing aromas in the packaging itself — specifically, inside the cap — to improve…


New Products Vie For Consumers’ Noses


New Products Vie For Consumers’ Noses


Drinking In The Features


Sports drinks… vitamin-enhanced water… vanilla-flavored cola. Beverage companies strive for innovation and new products. This must be reflected in the packaging. Beverage manufacturers are working to differentiate their products on the shelf.


New Foods For You (And Me!)



Hydration Innovation
Aroma Water – Plain water with a touch of fruit scent – and no artificial ingredients….


A whiff of what’s inside


The snack and beverage aisles of your grocery store may soon be giving your nose a workout.
A Philadelphia company has come up with a way to flavor plastic packaging — a technology being tested in everything from breakfast cereal to military rations and that, some say, could put a lid on such shopping habits as unscrewing a shampoo bottle to get a whiff…


An Army Travels on Its Stomach


The food may still taste like road kill. But if a new program from the U.S. Army works out, GIs’ rations won’t smell quite so bad. The Natick Soldier Center is working on a project to make rations more palatable to grunts by embedding savory aromas into the food’s packaging. If the food smells better, the thinking goes, the soldiers will be more likely to eat their MREs, or Meals, Ready to Eat, and will be better able to carry out their grueling tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


Aroma compensates for fat and salt


Formulators seeking to reduce ingredients such as sugar, salt or fat can now using a patented Encapsulated Aroma Release technology from ScentSational Technologies.


Scent Marketing Institute announces 2008 SMItty Awards


“The McCarthy Award”, Best New Proven Technology: Steven M. Landau, CTO/CMO of ScentSational Technologies in Jenkintown, PA, for groundbreaking work on scented and flavored packaging technologies for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other consumer products.


Aroma Packaging Could Alter Taste


A process that integrates aroma into plastic packaging may enhance taste perception and reduce the need for unhealthy ingredients in food products. Pennsylvania-based ScentSational Technologies said its CompelAroma technology encapsulates Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved food grade flavor molecules in the polymeric structure at the time it is been produced.


A whiff of opportunity


Lynda Searby looks at how food manufacturers can use the sense of smell when formulating foods. The advent of fat-burning and body-shaping ingredients means most in the food industry are familiar with the concept of ‘eating yourself slim’, but what about ‘smelling yourself slim’?


Top it off


No longer content with ordinary packages that simply hold liquid for consumption, consumers today are looking for a package that delivers added convenience and safety. This need, of course, extends to beverage closures as well. Consumer demand is driving beverage companies to seek out closures that provide improved tamper evidence and child-resistant safety, easier-to-open caps and even closures that improve product taste.


How Aromas Can Translate Into Dollars and Scents



While our taste buds do detect the five sensations—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami—there’s something else going on. And that’s aroma.


Aroma-added packaging aims to allure you


Aug 04, 2003 (The Christian Science Monitor via COMTEX) — The secret to boosting troop morale in Iraq, say US military officials, might soon be found inside the metallic foil of a package of beef stew. And later, similar packages may appear on supermarket shelves. While nation building and peacekeeping are at the top of the military’s agenda in Iraq, the Army is also mounting an effort to make soldiers’ food tastier.


The food industry’s newest smell test.


Manufacturers are experimenting with aroma infusions that can trick our brains into thinking we are tasting certain flavors.


Marketing Web


The smell of things to come Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the most neglected by marketers. Technology is available to help change this and engage the consumer’s senses even further, Charles Ash elaborates.


Active Packaging Solution: Where the Action Is


The trends toward natural and organic foods and products featuring heart-healthy but oxygen-sensitive unsaturated fats have combined to fuel development of active packaging solutions in flexible and rigid formats.


Food Production Daily


‘ScentSational’ packaging coating delivers food or drink aroma

An “invisible technology” that allows food and beverage processors to add the product aroma to its packaging has been developed.


Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging’ the indispensable tool for converters and printers of flexible packaging


Sun Chemical and ScentSational Technologies Unveil SunScent Coatings


Printers to incorporate scent directly onto packaging substrate


A novel coating technology allows for “scent sampling” without opening the package.


An innovative new coating technology provides scent sampling for a multitude of products in beauty as well as other industries. ScentSational Technologies recently launched EncapScent, a patent pending scent delivery technology with custom formulated MicroEncapsulated Coatings (MECs) that can be applied to any type of package. The MECs can be directly applied to packaging after filling or assembly, directly on the manufacturing line.


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