Dietary supplement brands elevated with Aroma-Taste Technology

People prefer using products that smell great. That includes dietary supplements. As reported in this NutraIngredients-USA article by Deputy Editor Hank Schultz, scents can make the initial experience of taking a dietary supplement something consumers remember with pleasure, not a trial they were willing to endure because they believe in the product’s promised health benefits. The article also ran in NutraIngredients-EU.

Active Packaging Solution: Where the Action Is


The trends toward natural and organic foods and products featuring heart-healthy but oxygen-sensitive unsaturated fats have combined to fuel development of active packaging solutions in flexible and rigid formats.


Appealing To the Senses


AriZona iced tea has spent millions of dollars creating its eye-catching packaging. It has also spent millions of dollars developing different flavors of tea. Now the company is testing a way to bring the two together by embedding appealing aromas in the packaging itself — specifically, inside the cap — to improve…


Military Packages Put Technology To The Test


Nanotechnology, scent-embedded polymers, biodegradable films, edible packaging and RFID drive next-generation packaging. No one has more challenging requirements for food and drug packaging than the military. Packaging for products sold to the Armed Forces must stand up to everything from desert heat to being dropped out of a plane…


Savor the Aroma in Packaged Food


If the emergent technologies become viable, there will come a day when scented packaging will contribute to the pleasure of eating by complementing the flavor experience. …