Dietary supplement brands elevated with Aroma-Taste Technology

People prefer using products that smell great. That includes dietary supplements. As reported in this NutraIngredients-USA article by Deputy Editor Hank Schultz, scents can make the initial experience of taking a dietary supplement something consumers remember with pleasure, not a trial they were willing to endure because they believe in the product’s promised health benefits. The article also ran in NutraIngredients-EU.

Military Packages Put Technology To The Test


Nanotechnology, scent-embedded polymers, biodegradable films, edible packaging and RFID drive next-generation packaging. No one has more challenging requirements for food and drug packaging than the military. Packaging for products sold to the Armed Forces must stand up to everything from desert heat to being dropped out of a plane…


Savor the Aroma in Packaged Food


If the emergent technologies become viable, there will come a day when scented packaging will contribute to the pleasure of eating by complementing the flavor experience. …


Closure Adds ‘Flavor’ to bottled water

NutriSystem, a leading marketer of weight management products, recommends that users of its products drink at last eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily to help flush out toxins produced when body chemistry changes as weight is lost…


Aroma-added packaging aims to allure you


Aug 04, 2003 (The Christian Science Monitor via COMTEX) — The secret to boosting troop morale in Iraq, say US military officials, might soon be found inside the metallic foil of a package of beef stew. And later, similar packages may appear on supermarket shelves. While nation building and peacekeeping are at the top of the military’s agenda in Iraq, the Army is also mounting an effort to make soldiers’ food tastier.