ScentSational….The Leader in Scented Product and Packaging Technologies

Founded in 1997, ScentSational Technologies leads the industry in developing, patenting and licensing scented product and packaging technologies for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and consumer products companies. We work with your, Product Development, Packaging, R&D and Marketing departments to uncover and evaluate opportunities to leverage the power of aroma to enhance your products and brand. We assess existing products, packaging, manufacturing methods, and when appropriate develop and implement new manufacturing technologies and methods. While we recommend that our clients utilize our preferred strategic manufacturing partners for flavor, fragrance, product and packaging materials, you can also choose to have us work with your vendor(s) of choice.  Our resources include: food scientists, flavorists, chemists, plastics engineers, consumer response analysts, marketing professionals, food and beverage lab facilities, prototype and production manufacturing facilities for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming, and commercially printed scented coatings. ScentSational is committed to ongoing sensory evaluation, manufacturing innovation and consumer testing. We work closely with our clients and manufacturing partners to maintain our leadership position in delivering the best scented product and packaging available in the market today.

ScentSational typically works with clients on a funded project basis, to develop unique product and packaging solutions that satisfy the demand for enhanced aroma delivery.  These projects are subject to agreements that provide for research and development funding, milestone payments upon achievement of pre-defined R&D targets, licensing fees and royalty payments on products commercialized utilizing our technology.

ScentSational’s technologies are the result of over 18 years of ongoing research in common aroma, taste and flavor challenges that affect most packaged foods, beverages and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. ScentSational enhances products and brands by providing scented and/or aromatic packaging and or products that satisfies the need for…

  • Scent Sampling
  • Added Headspace Aroma
  • Enhanced Aroma and Flavors
  • Masking or Improving Malodors or Tastes
  • Extending Shelf Life
  • Mitigating the Effects of Off Taste from Plastic Packaging
  • Mitigating the Effects of Flavor Scalping

ScentSational Know-How

Scientific knowledge

ScentSational’s team of experienced flavorists, food scientists, scientists, chemists and plastics engineers and packing professionals assures that our clients will receive unparalleled support and expertise. After close to twenty years in research & development in plastics manufacturing and flavoring applications, ScentSational has emerged as the world’s leader in Olfaction Packaging technology. We study food and packaging interactions and have developed innovative technologies which combine flavors and packaging for optimal performance. We work to achieve the stringent performance criteria our clients demand. Our team of leading industry professionals helps to insure that we can deliver innovative technologies which can be integrated in existing process control plans and is scalable to runs of any size.

Branding knowledge

ScentSational understands the fundamental realities of establishing a brand and making it work for your business. We don’t just talk concepts. Instead, we utilize the power of aroma and deliver a powerful brand enhancement tool to capture larger share within categories-or greater share across all categories. You gain the ability to market your brand to all five senses, including the powerful sense of smell. Over time the aroma of your product will become that product’s signature aroma, evoking positive memories of times spent enjoying your brand. This will help to establish a firm bond between your brand and the consumer, ultimately increasing brand loyalty and driving sales. ScentSational’s new Scent Sampling technologies enable brand owners to convey the scent of other products or brand, to consumers at the point of sale. Now you can entice consumers to pick up your product at point of sale to sample its aroma without the need to open or to tamper with it.  Research shows that once in their hands, they are 70% more likely to make a purchase… Now that’s powerful reason to leverage the aroma of your brand!