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ScentSational Technologies Joins Pliant Effort to Enhance Food Products for Soldiers

 Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: ScentSational Technologies, LLC has been named by Pliant Corporation as the sole provider of Olfaction Packaging technologies to assist in developing food packages for the U.S. military that will enhance the aroma and taste of field rations in order to increase their acceptance and consumption by soldiers.

Pliant has recently been awarded several significant R&D contracts from the US government to conduct leading edge research on food packaging, including film packaging solutions that preserve food taste.

In addition to its ongoing efforts of bringing it?s patented and proprietary encapsulated aroma release technology to commercial customers, ScentSational will bring CompelAroma to the Pliant researchprograms. CompelAroma is ScentSational?s flagship technology utilizing FDA approved food grade flavors encapsulated within the structure of plastic packaging at the time of manufacture, resulting inpackaging that releases desirable aromas and flavors.

CompelAroma?s encapsulated flavors slowly and uniformly release into the packaged product during its shelflife and thus improves the aroma and taste of the package contents.  Therefore, this technology can help  to extend the shelf life of many products that expire due to taste concerns.

CompelAromas may also release when a package is opened, during food preparation and during consumption. During microwaving, for example, CompelAroma enhanced microwaveable containers and trays, have proven to broadcast dramatically increased levels of desirable aromas, returning the sensual pleasure of cooking to fast food preparation.  CompelAromas have regularly proven the ability to enhance eating experiences under a wide range of preparation and food consumption conditions and environments.

Of particular importance to the Pliant project are CompelAroma?s ability to protect contents from processing induced degradation and flavor loss that may occur during processing and during its time on the shelf. Pliant is also interested in CompelAroma?s ability to help to reduce flavor scalping and inhibit the release of undesirable flavors and odors that may pass from the package materials to the product.

Barry Edelstein, ScentSational Technologies President and CEO, said ?While food & beverages can be packaged to be safe and edible for a long period of time, the packaged product sometimes loses itsaroma and taste appeal.  Our experience indicates that CompelAroma can counteract these effects delivering food and beverages that taste as good at the end of their shelf life as they do at the beginning.  For military applications, we believe our technology can make a major contribution to improving the nutritional intake and quality of life of our soldiers in the field.?

ScentSational is the leader in developing, patenting and licensing Olfaction Packaging technologies for the food & beverage and consumer products industries.  ScentSational utilizes its proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release? technology to incorporate aromas directly into most forms of plastic packaging at the time of manufacturing (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and others).

For more information contact Barry M. Edelstein, President and CEO, ScentSational Technologies, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, b[email protected] .

Steven M. Landau, CTO, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215)886-7777, .

Pliant Corporation is a leading producer of value-added films and flexible packaging products for food, beverage, personal care, medical, material handling and bulk shipping. The Company operates 24 manufacturing facilities around the world and employs approximately 3,100 people.

For more information, please contact Greg Gard, Pliant’s Senior Vice President of Innovation & Technology, at (715) 720-3139 or visit .