Encapsulated Aroma Release® Technology –

ScentSational utilizes its patented, patent pending and proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release™ technologies to incorporate FDA-approved food grade FEMA-GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) flavors directly into food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging components, and fragrances into personal care products as well as consumer products Scented Displays, Room Fresheners, Novelties and Toys. . As a result, the packaging actually becomes highly aromatic. This, in turn, dramatically enhances the product…and the overall consumer experience. Encapsulated Aroma Release technology can be applied to all existing manufacturing methods, including blow molding, injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion and in gaskets and liners. No new tooling is required to implement ScentSational technology making it very cost effective and highly scalable.


EncapScent™ Coatings –

This new patent pending technology involves applying a scented microencapsulate coating onto a packaging during filling or production of the finished product. The scented microcapsules are ruptured when the product is handled, releasing the desired scent. EncapScent MEC’s are an excellent tool for Scent Sampling from the shelf, or as a method to enhance product aroma during use. MEC’s are designed not release scent until activated by customer interaction with the product.


SunScent™ Inks and Coatings-

ScentSational Technologies has partnered with Sun Chemical, the world’s largest manufacturer of inks and coatings to create a line of scented coatings for print applications. SunScent coatings are applied during printing and release brand and product aroma in store and during use. SunScent can be printed directly onto film, cartons, paperboard, or other packaging materials on commercial print presses as the package is being printed. The aroma stays dormant until activated. Once activated, the aroma lasts a few minutes. It can be reactivated over and over again.


Specially Formulated Flavors & Fragrances-

After more than 15 years in research and development of customized scented products and packaging, ScentSational has developed specialized formulation methodologies designed to deliver the optimal, long last lasting and cost effective materials. We work with many of the world’s leading flavor and fragrance houses who use our formulation guidelines to make flavors and flavors to our specifications. We offer you the ability to use flavors and fragrances from our library of successful formulations, or we can create customized scents for your application. We give you the flexibility of having us work with your flavor and fragrance suppliers, or we can deliver turn key product from us.


Signature Scents-

The world is full with many different scents. What makes a scent a Signature Scent? One that is unique to the brand or experience. When consumer smell Signature Scents, they take a direct path past the intellect and send people into an immediate experiential moment of past experiences with that scent. When properly utilized Signature Scents can trigger those controlled instant, emotional, visceral reactions. ScentSational can help your team either leverage the Signature Scent of your brand by conveying it through packaging and media, or we can help you create a new Signature Scent which will become the essence of your brand and signal of your brand experience.



The scent industry is full of companies that offer ambient, room scenting options. However most of these companies have you choose from their list of stock fragrances and will dissuade customers from creating their own unique signature scent. After many years of developing scented product and packaging applications, ScentSational now offers our customers the unique ability to deliver custom aromas of as used in food, beverages, as well as a wide range of compelling scents designed to uplift moods, increase dwell time in store, offer relaxing mood changing environment, mask off aromas, etc. Unlike the traditional scent companies who work exclusively with fragrances, ScentSational offers aromatic food grade flavors and fragrances which not only make the mouth water, they will drive consumer liking and purchase intent. We offer the ability to scent rooms from 50 to 50,000 sq. feet in practically any scent you can imagine.



ScentCerts® improve the aroma and taste of dietary supplements, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals pills, capsules and gummies and deliver more brand enhancing aroma than any other product on the market! Not only will your products SMELL GREAT, but they will TASTE GREAT!  Click here to learn about our ScentCerts® products.

Aroma & Scent Marketing Consulting-

Is your company interested in harnessing the power of aroma in your products, packaging, collateral or environment, but just don’t know where to start? Let the experts at ScentSational help you develop a comprehensive Aroma Marketing program. We offer full or half day Scent Marketing Workshops, which include a state of the industry overview, a review of the applications your company can take advantage of, and a review of how to select the right scent for your brand.


Product Design & Ideation-

Do you have an idea for a new product you would like scented? Let the experts at ScentSational help you develop and refine your idea from concept to the shelf. We can help you…

  • Design your product / packaging to deliver aroma
  • Create prototypes
  • Product Design and Tooling
  • Work with your manufacturers to train them how to incorporate scent into your product at their plant
  • Custom contract manufacturing
product design

Custom Injection Molding-

Want a turnkey custom molded product? ScentSational offer full product design services as well as custom tooling and manufacturing. We can build both prototype tooling as well as large volume production tools. You can have a new customized scented part or product in less than 2 months!


Scented Products and Parts

Looking for ways to deliver scent to your product but your existing materials or production method is not a good fit? ScentSational can help you! We ideate and design custom scented products and parts. We can offer full turnkey manufacturing, or just design and concept using scent technology and then you use your own manufacturers. Either way, ScentSational can offer you full support for ALL of your Scented product, part, packaging or device needs. Here are some examples of items that can be scented to create added value: Mouth guards, Dog and Cat Toys, Dog / cat collars, Hookah Tips, Ecig & Vape Tips, trash bags, Car Fresheners. Room Fresheners, Pens, erasers, phone cases, masks, lipstick containers, dispensers, Laundry Fresheners, Rodent and Bug Repellents, Wrist bands, Jewellery, Eating Utensils, Key chains, Promotional items, Reusable water bottles, Sponges.


Master Batches-

Depending on your production and material needs, ScentSational can supply your desired scent or flavor enhancer with our custom made master batch formulations. We offer a full range of custom master batches of any size. We offer both polymer based master batches, as well as oil based. Master batches can be easily integrated into your production process by utilizing ScentSational’s proprietary manufacturing guidelines. Please contact us for further information regarding pricing and volume requirements for your application.


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