The next generation of product sensory enhancement for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.  ScentCert TABS, HEARTS & PAKS are made with FDA compliant All-Natural, Organic Compliant, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified food-grade flavors encapsulated in a medical and food-grade polymer.  ScentCerts improve both smell and taste while masking product malodors, increase consumer acceptance and compliance, extend shelf life, grow product sales, drive brand preference, and make capsules, soft gels, tablets and gummies smell and taste great!  Click here to learn more about ScentCerts.


Utilizes ScentSational’s Micro-Encapsulated Coating (MEC) technology to provide scented print and spray coatings for packaging or products. The scented microcapsules are designed to be ruptured with a simple swipe of the finger or when the product is handled, releasing the desired scent. EncapScent Inks and Coatings are an excellent tool for Scent Sampling from the shelf, or as a method to enhance product aroma during use.

EncapScent MEC’s can be printed directly onto film, cartons, paperboard, or other packaging materials on commercial print presses as the package is being printed. The aroma stays dormant until activated with a light swipe of the finger. MEC’s will last at least 12 months until activated by touch.  Once activated, the aroma lasts a few minutes and can be reactivated over and over again. MEC’s are available in a wide variety of stock and custom scents.


After more than 20 years in research of customized scented products and packaging, ScentSational has developed cost-effective polymer and liquid-based masterbatches utilizing proprietary formulation methodologies designed to process easily and deliver effective, long-lasting aroma release from plastics.

We work with many of the world’s leading flavor and fragrance houses who use our trade secret formulation guidelines to make flavors and fragrances to our demanding specifications. You can select from our extensive library or we can create customized Signature Scents for your application. Masterbatches can be easily integrated into your production process by utilizing ScentSational’s Proprietary Manufacturing Guidelines.


Recently named one of the Top 10 Scent Technology Companies by Zion Market Research in “Digital Scent Technology Market to 2027 – Global Analysis and Forecasts” Report, ScentSational has emerged as a leading scent marketing firm.  We offer state of the art ambient scenting systems for small and large space applications utilizing a variety of stock or custom-made Signature Scents to scent spaces from 50 to 50,000 sq. feet.

ScentSational delivers custom scents in a wide range of compelling scents designed to drive sales, increase the perception of value, uplift moods, increase dwell time, mask unpleasant odors and to offer a positive mood changing environment.  We encourage our larger customers to allow us to create unique Signature Scents rather than use stock scents.  Unlike others in the industry, in addition to fragrances, we also offer scents from aromatic food grade flavors, which not only make the mouth water but drive consumer liking and purchase. Along with traditional nebulizer scent machines, we also offer polymer-based systems that do not put liquid scent particles in the air.


Want a turnkey custom-molded scented/flavored product? ScentSational offers product design services as well as custom tooling and manufacturing.   We are the experts in designing products made for aroma and taste delivery and hold several patents in this field. We can work with your existing tooling and make it scented or flavored, or build new tooling. You can have a new customized scented and/or flavored part or product in less than 2 months!