The Power of the Sense of Smell!

Of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, only smell has a direct pathway to the limbic mode where creativity, emotion, hunger, and impulses are processed, and where memories and experiences of pleasure are stored. All of the other senses are processed in the left side of the brain, the cerebral cortex, where logical thought is processed. This is why smell is the only sense capable of triggering a true impulse reaction.

Some important facts to consider

  • According to Neilsen, 70% of all purchasing decisions are still made in-store
  • Supermarkets with in-store bakeries and café’s which broadcast desirable aroma’s throughout the store have proven to drive sales across all categories; think about how aroma on your product will drive sales
  • Aroma has the unique ability to invoke positive memories and to instantly transport a person and immerse him/her into a vivid memory
  • Aroma can compel a consumer into purchasing one product over another- driving sales for your product and increasing your market share
  • A Signature Aroma can enforce a consumer’s perception of the brand and can be a significant factor in helping to develop a relationship between the consumer and your brand
  • Aroma is a key factor in product preference and in triggering and satiating hunger
  • More than half (54%) of retailers said the customer experience is their most important area of focus, way ahead of cross-channel marketing (16%), data-driven marketing (14%), mobile (11%), and programmatic buying/optimization (4%).

Appealing packaging is crucial to the success of any product

Due to increased competition and marketing clutter, you need distinctive, intelligent packaging to clearly define and differentiate your product. Because aroma conveys value, freshness, product fragrance, and flavor, it can significantly increase your product’s perceived value and communicate that value to the consumer at the point of sale. While advertising and promotion remain vitally important to brand building, the right aroma and flavor will substantially increase brand awareness and value over time. ScentSational provides clients fast-track strategies to enhance their competitive advantage and accelerate market share.