Scented Inserts made with All-Natural Encapsulated Flavors, to Enhance the Smell and Taste of Dietary Supplements & Pharma

Designed and formulated specifically to enhance the smell and taste of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, ScentCerts are TABS, HEARTS and PAKS made with ScentSational’s Aroma-Taste Technology. We utilize our proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology to enable ScentCerts’ all-natural aromatic flavors to release stable brand enhancing scents into the bottle and headspace of capsules, soft-gels, tablets & gummies over product shelf-life.  Just drop in a ScentCert to drive consumer preference, brand loyalty, compliance and increased sales.

Makes capsules, soft-gels, tablets & gummies smell and taste great!


  • Masks and improves malodors of products
  • Delivers brand-enhancing aroma to unpleasant or odorless products
  • Increases consumer acceptance and compliance
  • Significantly outperforms flavored ingredients & coatings
  • Extends shelf life with long-lasting stable aroma
  • Grows product sales and drives brand preference


  • Made with All-Natural, FDA and Organic Compliant, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified flavors
  • cGMP Compliant Manufacturing Facilities
  • Patented and proprietary technologies
  • Utilizes ScentSational’s Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology

The ScentSational Quality Commitment

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Injected molded TABS in a variety of enticing flavors in attractive translucent colors made with ScentSational’s Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology.

Desiccant style Tyvek PAKS available in five sizes, cut or auto-fill continuous strip on spools made with ScentSational’s Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology.

Injected molded HEARTS in a variety of enticing flavors in attractive translucent colors made with ScentSational’s Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology.


Flavor Compliance: FDA and Organic Compliant; Food Grade; All-Natural, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal Certified

Polymer Bead Compliance: FDA compliant and food grade copolymers


Net Weight 2 grams +/- 5% 2grams +/- 5%
Length 37 mm +/- 1mm 27mm +/- 1mm
Width 12 mm +/- 1mm 24 mm +/- 1mm
Height 5mm +/- .5mm 5mm +/- .5mm
PAKS Vary by size; ask our Representative

Nothing Speaks to the Value of ScentCerts More
than our Clients’ Improved Customer Reviews

“I’m really impressed with how good these taste and smell!”
“This stuff is awesome, works well. And it has a nice minty smell.”
“I’ve taken many vegan vitamins, and these smell the best.”
“Love the minty thing that’s popped in the package too.”
“I love the lemon smell makes swallowing them a lot less distasteful”
“They smell like oranges and are easy to swallow, no gross vitamin burps with these at all”
“What’s not to love? …. intoxicating smell of fresh cut lemon”
“I was thrilled with the smell when I opened the bottle. Wonderfully minty!!!”

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A natural orange flavor that is so fresh your customer will think they are peeling an orange, especially effective with both neutral and off-smelling products.  Citrus Grove is universally loved!


A clean, cool, natural minty flavor blend with rich, sweet overtones that make the most off smelling and tasting pills, capsules and gummies smell and taste and minty fresh.


A unique aromatic blend of natural fresh berries topped off with light floral notes and green tones that complement the natural aromatics of dietary supplements. Especially effective at masking algae oil and other malodors.


An exclusively fresh and subtle combination of natural lemons, oranges and limes all rolled into one great flavor that are designed to give a refreshing aroma and taste.


A delicate combination of natural sweet lemon and citrus flavor notes complimented with a cool sensation of minty freshness that are especially designed to mask and improve the aroma and taste of a wide variety of supplements.


A complex sweet natural blend of fresh orange and citrus notes topped off with a slight spicy clove aroma. Especially effective on products with challenging off notes when paired with the orange clove effect, resulting in a well-rounded and pleasing aroma and taste.


A complex sweet natural blend of fresh, rich, juicy lemon notes that enhances supplements with a fresh enticing fragrance and taste.


A base of homegrown cinnamon with a hint of spice, highlighted with sweet woody notes with natural earthy aromatics.


A unique natural aromatic blend of berry notes topped off with refreshing peppermint notes designed to add sweet minty wisp of flavor. Especially effective at masking algae & other malodors.


A sweet milky natural vanilla blend with a blast of minty freshness that make the most off smelling supplements smell and taste creamy minty.


Why is it important to enhance the smell and taste of supplements? The sense of smell is the most powerful sense in driving product liking, purchase decisions and brand loyalty. That’s because smell is processed in the Limbic mode of the brain where preference, memory and impulses are processed.  Since approximately 80% of the taste experience is from the sense of smell, ScentCerts make supplements not only smell better but taste better.

What is the difference between TABS, HEARTS and PAKS? TABS and HEARTS are injected molded with encapsulated flavors, while PAKS are flavor encapsulated polymer beads  in a Tyvek pouch and are available cut or on spools for automatic insertion.

What are ScentCerts made of?  ScentCerts are made with FDA compliant and food grade all-natural flavors that are infused into FDA compliant and food grade copolymers.

Why are ScentCerts so effective at eliminating malodors?  The malodors often experienced with supplements is a result of many of their active ingredients. As products age, they oxidize causing malodors to become more aggressive over time.  After many years of R&D on mitigating dietary supplement malodors, ScentCerts were designed with specific flavor formulations and polymer science to combat the most aggressive malodors such as fish oil, valerian and vitamin B.  ScentCerts continue to release pleasant aromas into the container throughout product shelf life.

Will ScentCerts interact with the ingredients in supplements? No. The All-Natural flavors in ScentCerts are encapsulated in the polymer structure and will not negatively impact their efficacy or integrity.

How do ScentCerts work? ScentCerts are made with all-natural aromatic flavors encapsulated in an FDA compliant food-grade polymer which slowly release brand enhancing aromas into the headspace of the bottle and its contents.    Consumers are met with enticing aromas during opening and use. Depending on the product, ScentCerts can also positively impact the taste experience and burp-back.

Are the flavors all natural, kosher, halal, and vegan?  Yes. ScentCerts are made with All-Natural, FDA and Organic Compliant, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified flavors.

What ScentCerts flavor will work best with my product?  ScentSational offers complimentary evaluation and testing of your products. Send us 6-12 bottles and we will test, evaluate and recommend which ScentCerts will best enhance the aroma and taste of your product.

Are ScentCerts FDA Compliant?  Yes.  ScentCerts are made with FDA compliant and food grade all-natural flavors that are infused into FDA compliant and food grade copolymers.

Do ScentCerts absorb moisture?  No. ScentCerts are not desiccants.  Since there was no effective product to mitigate malodors until now, many products use desiccants to attempt to absorb malodors when the product doesn’t require one to absorb moisture, and as a result, the desiccant may be able to be eliminated once the ScentCerts are added.

Can ScentCerts be used with desiccants?  Yes.

Will ScentCerts effect the efficacy of your products? No. ScentCerts are made with a proprietary blend of flavors and polymers which are designed for stability.  The ingredients in ScentCerts will not come out and mix with the ingredients in the product or negatively impact efficacy.

Do we need to change our packaging label? ScentCerts should not impact product labeling since there are no additional ingredients added to your product.  However, we recommend you check with your regulatory department to confirm your specific case.

Can ScentCerts be auto inserted?  Yes, depending on your equipment.  TABS and HEARTS can often be inserted with a desiccant canister auto inserter.  PAKS are specifically designed to fit standard desiccant autofill machines and are available cut or on spools for auto insertion.

How long is shelf life?  ScentCerts will release the same or similar aroma profile and intensity as manufactured, for a period of at least five (5) years from the date of manufacturer, provided they remain sealed in original packaging and in a temperature-controlled environment not to exceed 95°F.   Once placed in a dietary supplement package, term of efficacy will vary based on external factors such as packaging, active ingredients and storage.

Are ScentCerts safe to eat?  ScentCerts are not intended for ingestion, but accidentally consuming one should not cause any harm.  Although they are made with food grade flavors, they are in a polymer base which is not digestible.  ScentCerts are designed to not block the air passage of adults however, they are not intended for use by children as they could cause a choking hazard.

Can ScentCerts reduce burp-back?  Many of our customers have reported that they get fewer negative reviews related to burp-back since adding ScentCerts to their product.

Are ScentCerts available in custom flavors? Yes, ScentSational can create a Signature Scent for your brand.  Only available to large volume customers.  Customization fees apply.

What are the MOQ’s? 5,000 per flavor for TABS AND HEARTS. MOQ’s vary for PAKS based upon size and type so check your sales representative for details.

Are ScentCerts produced at cGMP Facilities?  ScentCerts TABS & HEARTS are manufactured at ISO Certified injection molding plants. ISO is the packing material manufacturing equivalent of cGMP.  ScentCerts PAKS are produced at facilities that practice GMP and ISO.

How do ScentCerts extend product shelf life?  ScentCerts extend shelf life of products which are pulled early due to organoleptic issues making them smell and taste bad after a certain point on the shelf.  ScentCerts deliver long lasting stable aromas which keep the product smelling and tasting great, even after a long period of time on the shelf.

Do ScentCerts improve customer compliance?  Yes. Many customers stop using products due to bad smell and taste.  ScentCerts improve the consumer experience which results in improved compliance.

What kind of supplements do ScentCerts work on?  ScentCerts can make all capsules, soft-gels, tablets and gummies smell and taste great.

Why are ScentCerts better than any other product on the market?

  • Activated Charcoal –Absorbs only large molecule malodors. Does not enhance aroma and taste
  • Silica Gel Desiccants – Absorb moisture and moist odors. Does not enhance aroma and taste
  • Gelatin Capsules –Intended to limit release of malodors but are often non effective. Do not enhance aroma and taste.
  • Flavor Coatings & Ingredients – Requires secondary process; Flavors prone to oxidation; Does not deliver comparable aroma and taste
  • Scented Canisters – Due to being limited by use of existing materials and size, canisters are not as effective as ScentCerts which can deliver more than 10x Brand Enhancing Aroma (depending on pack size).
  • Scented Desiccants – Are primarily made to absorb moisture and can only deliver a fraction of aroma compared to ScentCerts.

Free Product Sensory Analysis

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