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 Now frozen and shelf stable microwavable entrée?s have the ability to broadcast aroma the way that popcorn does. 

ScentSational Technologies (Jenkintown, PA) has introduced an innovative new technology for microwavable packaging that significantly enhances the consumers cooking and eating experience.  The technology involves incorporating FDA approved food grade flavors within the polymetric structure of thermoformed packaging at the time of manufacturing.    These approved GRAS flavor additives are added during the extrusion process. ScentSational has teamed up with one of the world?s leading flavor houses to manufacture heat stable flavor additives that are specially engineered to withstand the high heat histories which the bowls are subject to during extrusion, thermoforming and while cooking in the microwave.

The new technology is compatible with PP and PE monolayer trays, coextruded with dual ovenable APET and CPET trays and multilayer trays made for shelf stability.

ScentSational, which began commercialization less than one year ago after six years of R&D, is actively engaged with many of the world?s leading food companies which are looking to utilize ScentSational?s CompelAroma? Encapsulated Aroma Release? technology to enhance their core brands.

This technology provides significant benefit within the frozen food category where traditionally little aroma is produced during microwaving.  Since microwaving cooks foods so rapidly, the aromas generated during traditional slow cooking methods are not achieved.  Trays and bowls made with ScentSational?s CompelAroma? technology– contain flavor additives that aggressively release aroma when microwaved.  The result is a substantially increased aroma during cooking, when opening the microwave and especially while consumers are enjoying the product from a RTS package.

In consumer studies conducted at the Food Science Sensory Laboratory at Penn State University, results revealed that consumers preferred food prepared in bowls utilizing ScentSational?s technology over foods without it. The study also revealed that ScentSational enhanced foods smelled better and had more flavor. Significantly, over 80% of the participants said they would be willing to pay more for it.

ScentSational is also working with U.S. Army Soldier Center in Natick, Massachusetts, in support of their Olfaction Ration Packaging initiatives.  The goal is to help make military rations a/k/a Meals Ready to Eat (MRE?s) taste better.  The idea is that if GI?s open a package using ScentSational technology, they will smell the fresh aroma (which is available in practically any aroma /flavor) and have a better initial impression of the product. This is especially important for products that are packaged in plastic, as plastic can negatively impact the aroma and taste of packaged foods- especially those which have gone through a retort process and have a long shelf life.

There is also a strong relationship between aroma and the overall brand experience. ScentSational can develop a ?signature aroma? for products which consumers learn to associate with the brand.  The signature aroma ultimately leads to increased consumer acceptance and establishes long lasting brand loyalty.

ScentSational is working with many of the countries leading thermoformers to offer scalable manufacturing.  To better understand the scope of this technology, consider that ScentSational has developed flavors like tomato herb, roasted garlic, sautéed garlic and onions, fresh cut basil with tomato, herb garlic, mac & cheese, maple brown sugar, strawberry jam, butter roasted chicken, chicken soup, teriyaki, soy ginger and many others. ScentSational?s CompelAroma? technology gives processors the ability to potentially add less sodium and fat while still maintaining a great taste and aroma.

One of the reasons why CompelAroma? technology is so effective is ScentSational?s process of encapsulating fresh flavors into the plastic matrix.  This process ultimately results in each flavor molecule being individually wrapped in a protective plastic casing.  The casing keeps the flavors fresh and stable and they are less prone to oxidation and degradation ? resulting in much more stable flavors.  Especially since these flavors are not negatively impacted by the other ingredients in the package.

However, during shelf life the Plastic Encapsulated Flavors volatilize.  As packaged foods lose their fresh top note flavors, ScentSational Encapsulated Aroma Release? technology continues to add a fresh flavor profile to the package contents.

Of course consumers don?t know that all of this is going on in the background, all they know is their microwave meal sure smells? and tastes great!

ScentSational is the leader in developing, patenting and licensing olfaction packaging technologies for the food & beverage and consumer products industries.  ScentSational utilizes its proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release? technology to incorporate aromas directly into most forms of plastic (PP, PE, and others) packaging at the time of manufacturing (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and others).

For more information contact Barry M. Edelstein, President and CEO, ScentSational Technologies, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected]

Steven M. Landau, Chairman and CTO, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215)886-7777, [email protected]