CompelAroma® Enables Consumers to Experience a Product?s Aroma in a Tamper Evident Package

 Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: ScentSational Technologies announces CompelAroma TE, a new, patent pending technology that will allow consumers to experience the aroma of the package contents without compromising any tamper evident systems in place.

In many instances, the first consumer connection to a brand takes place in-store when a consumer lifts the lid on a product to sample its aroma. If the aroma is pleasing  they will usually purchase that product.   The tamper evidence systems that proliferate today?s packaging provide security, but also deny the consumer the key experience of smelling the product.  Furthermore, the brand owner is denied the use of aroma sampling, the first and most important ?Magic Moment? that can connect with the consumer and result in sales.

CompelAroma TE satisfies a brand owner?s desire to keep its products safe while at the same time allows consumers to experience the aroma of the product, thus compelling them to make a purchase.

According to Steven Landau, ScentSational Technologies CTO, ?the new technology involves specially engineered aromatic additives that match the aroma profile of the package contents and then utilizes one of several proprietary methods of enabling the release of the aroma from the package.  With CompelAroma TE, a consumer in a store can experience the aroma of a package?s contents, without compromising the integrity of the tamper evidence or the product itself.?

Also, CompelAroma TE provides brands that are moving to tamper evident packaging the ability to reduce or eliminate reduction in sales that might result when consumers can no longer experience the aroma of their product in-store.

CompelAroma TE is a valuable tool for packagers, especially those making packaging for cosmetics, personal care items such as soap, shampoo, conditioners, skin creams and other products such as cleaning chemicals, air spray and others where the aroma of the product is an integral component of the decision making and purchasing process.

?Allowing consumers to sample without the potential of destroying a product will reduce expensive product loss due to compromised tamper evidence.  Since aroma is such an integral part of the purchase and decision-making process, this technology should be well received by brand managers and retailers alike,? Landau said.

ScentSational Technologies is currently working with a majority of the world?s top 25 food and beverage companies as well as a number of leading consumer products companies to help them build their brands by deploying the power of aroma in their packaging.

In addition to enabling aroma in a tamper evident environment, traditional applications of CompelAroma, ScentSational?s flagship technology, include employing it as a package design tool to enhance the aroma and taste of foods and beverages, developing and delivering Signature Aromas so brands, can build a more memorable relationship with the consumer and drive repurchase and brand loyalty.

For more information contact Barry M. Edelstein, President and CEO, ScentSational Technologies, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected],   or

Steven M. Landau, CTO, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected]