Light but with full bodied Taste and Aroma

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: After success in developing food and beverage packaging applications, ScentSational Technologies CEO, Barry Edelstein announced that the company is now targeting the Alcohol Beverage industry with CompelAroma™, its flagship technology. CompelAroma is now specially reengineered and reformulated for use with alcoholic beverages.  ScentSational is actively working with several of the country’s leading packaging companies like Crown Holdings (NYSE: CCK) and Firmenich, a leading flavor supplier, as well as several global alcohol brand owners.  ScentSational has successfully completed trials proving significant benefit to beer and flavored malt beverages.

ScentSational Technologies is the world’s leader in developing, patenting and licensing Olfaction Packaging technologies for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other consumer products companies.  CompelAroma, ScentSational’s Encapsulated Aroma Release® technology, involves adding specially engineered FDA approved food grade flavors within the structure of plastic packaging components at the time of manufacturing. An especially innovative aspect of this new initiative is use of the liners of metal crown closures as a very cost effective vehicle for adding aroma, flavor and fresh taste. The flavor additives release top note aromas that significantly improve the consumer experience. These aromas become sensory based signatures establishing and reinforcing brand identity and compelling long lasting brand loyalty.

Steven Landau, ScentSational Technologies CTO, said, “CompelAroma performs exceptionally well with beer, flavored malt beverages and a wide variety of flavored distilled beverages such as rum, vodka and gin.  Our low cost technology allows us to deliver brand distinguishing and enhancing aromas and flavors to an alcoholic beverage without adding any direct ingredients.  It is especially beneficial for single serve beverages that are often consumed directly from the bottle.  This is because approximately 90% of a persons taste is a result of their sense of smell, and with CompelAroma, the headspace of the bottle is filled with very aromatic top note aromas which provide for a greatly improved consumer experience.”

CompelAroma for Beer is especially significant for light and low carb brands, enabling them to offer a more full-bodied beer aroma and taste experience without modifications to existing formulations. CompelAroma also enables beer companies to add the flavor and aromatics of a fresh squeezed lime without that very distinct flavor experience being lost in the other beer ingredients.  CompelAroma can also add the aroma and taste of citrus and fruit flavors to beer in a very stable environment.

“There is an emphasis in the market on adding improved flavor to FMB’s (Flavored Malt Beverages) and CompelAroma offers a lot of versatility in this area. CompelAroma allows brand owners to significantly enhance and compliment the aroma and taste of their products at a very low cost.  The technology has proven to be very effective at masking the alcohol aroma and taste which turns some consumers off – sometimes for life.  It has also proven successful at adding great top note aromas and flavor to these beverages without adding calories and carbs,” Landau said.

Both connoisseurs and casual consumers associate certain aromas with quality wine.  Because of the important role of aroma in consumers’ selection of wine, CompelAroma is getting attention from leading vineyards. CompelAroma enables wine brands to deliver enhanced aroma and taste to their products from the cork, the very thing consumers often smell in evaluating wine.

“ScentSational’s CompelAroma allows our clients’ many health conscious, calorie counting consumers a way to savor the flavors and aromas of full bodied beverages while enjoying the uncompromised wellness benefits of light and low carb products. Additionally, the use of CompelAroma in liners of metal closures delivers a tremendous amount of value at a nominal cost to our clients.  Our alcohol beverage clients are also interested in our ability to deliver a memorable, brand distinguishing aroma without altering the integrity of the contents or requiring intrusive production adjustments or reformulations”  says Barry Edelstein.

ScentSational has emerged as the experts in Olfaction Packaging and is working with a majority of the world’s top 25 food and beverage companies and have now entered into development agreements with many of the leading beer, spirits, flavored malt beverage and wine companies. Many of these companies sought out ScentSational’s expertise to help them build their brands by deploying the power of aroma in their packaging.

Traditional uses of CompelAroma include employing it as a package design tool to enhance the aroma and taste of foods and beverages, developing and delivering Signature Aromas to build a more memorable relationship between the consumer and the brand which help drive brand loyalty and repurchase.

ScentSational Technologies’ CompelAroma can be successfully employed in nearly any package with a plastic component or closure.

For more information contact Steven M. Landau, CTO, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected] or Barry M. Edelstein, President and CEO, ScentSational Technologies, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected].

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