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Compelling Breakthrough Brand Building Strategy from ScentSational Technologies

 Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: ScentSational Technologies  ( is introducing CompelAroma – a proprietary technology utilizing encapsulated flavor and aroma release. CompelAroma is an exciting new advanced approach to brand building. CompelAroma compels consumers to use brands over and over again by incorporating an innovative new technology that generates powerful aromas and flavors that create a memorable and exceptionally pleasurable experience of the brand.

ScentSational?s CompelAroma technology allows food and beverage marketers to differentiate brands by encapsulating flavors within the structure of plastic packaging which release desirable aromas.  These FDA approved food grade flavors are added directly into packaging materials at the time of manufacturing. During the process, the encapsulated flavors and associated aromas become integral parts of the package itself.  The aromas may be released at an appropriate stage in the development of the brand building strategy CompelAroma?s plastic encapsulated flavors can also be slowly and uniformly released into the packaged product during its packaged life.

CompelAromas may be controlled to release when a package is opened, or during food preparation. During microwaving, for example, CompelAroma enhanced microwaveable containers and trays, have proven to broadcast dramatically increased levels of desirable aromas, returning the sensual pleasure of cooking to fast food preparation and delivering a product performance that compels brand loyalty.  As more ready-to-serve products are introduced, there is a great opportunity to positively enhance the consumer?s eating experience by increasing desirable aroma.

CompelAromaflavors can also be used to gradually release into the package contents and enhance desirable flavors as well as protect contents from processing induced dilution and flavor loss that may occur over extended time on the shelf. Other CompelAroma benefits include the ability to reducing flavor scalping and inhibit release of undesirable flavors and odors from the package to the product.

ScentSational?s CompelAroma technology is safe for use with food and beverages and is compliant with all food-packaging regulations.

As more companies sharpen their focus on wellness and healthy products, they are often faced with the challenge of how to add flavor without adding calories, cholesterol or fat.  A number of the worlds leading food and beverage companies are looking towards ScentSational to offer healthy solutions to better flavor.  While adding pleasing brand building memory triggers, CompelAroma technology does not add undesirable ingredients.  Currently ScentSational has a number of projects in place and expects to see its technology hitting the shelves in the near future.

According to Steven M. Landau, ScentSational Technologies CTO, ?in addition to CompelAromas obvious taste benefits, it?s brand building power comes from the fact that aromas travel a direct line to an individual?s memory and emotional center and therefore is a key factor in brand preference.?

?Up until now, smell has been the sense most neglected in brand marketing strategies. Of the five senses, smell is the only one that has a direct pathway to the brain,? Landau said, ?and is the only sense that is initially processed in the limbic lobe, the brain?s emotional center.?  This fortifies ScenSational?s CompelAroma position in the overall branding experience.  ?Invoking positive memories which are tied to the brand is a very powerful marketing tool?.

Barry Edelstein, the company?s CEO says, ?CompelAroma should have a significant impact on marketing approaches to wellness foods, beverages, convenience foods, cereals, beauty and cosmetic products.?

Edelstein says, for more than 20 years food and beverage companies have been challenged to satisfy the demand for adding more aroma to their products to provide their customers with a more pleasurable eating/drinking experience.  ScentSational is taking the old adage ?it?s the packaging that sells a product? a step further and satisfying the demands for added aroma by its unique and innovative process of integrating flavors and aromas into the packaging itself rather than the contents.  This results in a higher level of aroma and more distinctive flavor notes than has previously been available to the industry.

?CompelAroma can even make traditionally less flavorful but more beneficial foods more enjoyable for both children and adults,? Edelstein said.

A variety of CompelAroma samples are available for examination by qualified customers.

For more information contact Barry M. Edelstein, President and CEO, ScentSational Technologies, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215) 886-7777, [email protected]

Steven M. Landau, Chairman and CTO, 425 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046, (215)886-7777, [email protected]




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THE BRANDING POWER OF AROMA from new patented technology developed by Scentsational Technologies that uniquely encapsulates flavor in packaging plastic effectively captures the attention of consumers and enhances their enjoyment of

meals and snacks.