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NutriSystem to Deploy Compelling, Diet Enhancing Package Flavor Technology

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: NutriSystem, Horsham, Pennsylvania ( is introducing Aquaescents, a powerful new weight loss aid employing ScentSational Technologies’ CompelAroma™, Encapsulated Aroma Release™ technology. CompelAroma™ technology allows food and beverage marketers to differentiate brands by encapsulating flavors within the structure of plastic packaging which release desirable aromas.

Founded in 1972, NutriSystem (AMEX: NSI) is a leading provider of weight management products and services. The Company offers a weight loss program based on portion-controlled, prepared meals. The program has no membership fees and provides free on-line and telephone counseling. With CompelAroma™ technology, Aquaescents refillable water bottle and fruit caps, in natural lemon, peach and berry flavors, enhance a consumer’s enjoyment of water without adding calories, sweeteners or preservatives. Since drinking 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day is an integral part of dieting, Aquaescents offers Nutrisystem’s clients the ability to consume plain water as recommended, but makes it much easier because the water has a delicious fruit flavor without any additives.

According to Delphine Carroll, According to Dr. Jay Satz, vice-president of product development for NutriSystem, each Aquaescents fruit cap emits a pleasing aroma which substantially increases the enjoyment of consuming water. Since the sense of smell is so closely linked to the sense of taste, these caps help satisfy the desire for flavor while also encouraging the proper hydration necessary to healthy and effective dieting.

“The natural scents are right in the cap,” Satz said. “It’s water with a kick that livens up a diet with a fun way to stay properly hydrated every day.”

Aquaescents is just one example of the many ways that ScentSational’s CompelAroma™ technology can be used by food and beverage companies to help in the battle against obesity. NutriSystem, for example, plans to employ the technology in additional packaged products.

CompelAroma™ also offers marketers the ability to differentiate and enhance brands. ScentSational works with packaging manufacturers to incorporate FDA approved food grade flavors directly into packaging materials at the time of manufacturing. During the manufacturing process, the encapsulated flavors and associated aromas become integral parts of the package itself. The aromas can be controlled to be released at an appropriate stage in the development of the brand building strategy such as on the shelf, or can be used just to release aroma when opening or during cooking. CompelAroma™’s Plastic Encapsulated Flavors ™ can also be slowly and uniformly released into the packaged product during its packaged life.

CompelAroma™s may be controlled to release when a package is opened, or during food preparation. During microwaving, for example, CompelAroma™ enhanced microwaveable containers and trays have proven to broadcast dramatically increased levels of desirable aromas, returning the sensual pleasure of cooking to fast food preparation and delivering a product performance that compels brand loyalty. As more ready-to-serve products are introduced, there is a great opportunity to positively enhance the consumer’s eating experience and ultimate satisfaction of the product by increasing desirable aromas.

CompelAroma™ flavors can also be used to gradually release into the package contents and enhance desirable flavors as well as protect contents from processing induced dilution and flavor loss that may occur over extended time on the shelf. Other CompelAroma™ benefits include the ability to reducing flavor scalping and inhibit release of undesirable flavors and odors from the package to the product.

ScentSational’s CompelAroma™ technology is safe for use with food and beverages and is compliant with all food-packaging regulations.

ScentSational Technologies manufactures refillable CompelAroma™ containers for beverages and licenses the technology for use by other companies. A variety of CompelAroma™ samples are available for examination by qualified customers and media representatives.

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